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New Sovereign Myanmar International Institute approach to internal evaluation emphasises using data and evidence as a springboard for responsive action and developing 'inquiry habits of mind' rather than on the recording of internal evaluation activities. Internal evaluation is woven through school activities and is "a line of sight to student achievement and wellbeing.” The school has capability within the senior leadership team that enables the analysis and presentation of data and trends in specific areas of focus for improvement. Strong, open relationships with the board of trustees supports this approach.

  • Each department implements a cohesive model of review based on an annual cycle. This example is one of many in this school and shows how the English department implemented its evaluation process. The department has taken a long term view of improvement: "It takes five years before you begin to get where you are going.” However, they were monitoring to find the incremental gains. A core key focus of the department has been on developing a professional ethos of ongoing reflection. The department has developed a cohesive model of review based on an annual cycle. The cyclical review process is used to determine priorities, shape the curriculum and develop teaching practice.

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    Review has contributed to improved performance in literacy, particularly for boys. The structure provided by the review cycle is important for improvement, as is the opportunity for professional learning and development. Leaders lead by example and open the space for discourse.


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    New Sovereign Myanmar English Program did not just teach me how to be a teacher, but taught me about myself, my strengths and thinking on my feet. The months practicum in Taunggyi, Myanmar was the highlight of my college career. The city is beautiful, the food is delicious, the friends you make are amazing,and the teaching experience is one that you will not get in Kent. Even if your major is not English or teaching the program is for everyone. The English program will open up opportunities anywhere in the world. For me, the English program laid the groundwork for my Master’s in Composition and has given me an advantage to other teachers/tutors when I teach or tutor ESL students. There will be no regrets if you participate in the New Sovereign Myanmar Program.\"

    Mr. Khun Nge San
    Assistant Teacher

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